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  1. ochBlog

    Joomla! has a long history of being the perfect CMS (Content Management System). in previous versions (1.x / 2.5), although maturing, the Content (articles) generation and displaying lacked Blog functionality. There are different requirements in having a Blog then in having an article.

    Time to leverage your Joomla! CMS into a fully fledged Blog platform!

    Adding ochBlog functionality to your Joomla! CMS gives you (and your bloggers) the following benefits:

    • seamlessly 'convert' Articles into Blogs: configure which Joomla! categories (include / exclude) hold your Blog articles.
    • Differentiate between regular bloggers and pro-bloggers: Configure which bloggers (via Joomla! user group membership) should have 'pro-blogger' functionality: their avatar and name are linked to a professional Authorprofile page showcasing all their expertise. This gives you the possibility to e.g. differentiate between normal and paying bloggers.
    • Integrated Avatar support: currently supports avatars from Kunena, Easy-Profile, Gravatar, CJblog (1.x and 2.x)
    • Integrated About text support: currently supports author about text from ochBlog (via Joomla! custom user field), Kunena (about / signature), Easy-Profile (any field), Gravatar, CJblog (1.x and 2.x)
    • Integrated Authorprofile page support: Use the ochBlog build in Authorprofile page or use the Kunena, Easy-Profile, Gravatar, CJblog (1.x and 2.x) profile pages
    • Dynamic Article info: Add your bloggers avatar, Social Sharing buttons, Article info (dates, category, etc), badges for the article based on article hits, article hits, etc. to your article. Fully configurable!
    • Dynamic Article Author info: Add your bloggers avatar, Social Sharing buttons, Author badges (based on number of articles written, unlimited number of badges can be configured), Author about text is displayed for 'pro-bloggers' with a dynamic [read full profile] button when length of the text is above configured parameter
    • Content Construction: use values from Kunena user profile, Joomla! User profile, Easy-Profile and Joomla! 3.7.x custom User fields to dynamically replace variables with their values.
    • Build-in Authorprofile page: giving you the basic functionality: avatar, bio (fully configurable with Content Construction), about text and Social Sharing functionality. It also holds two module positions so you can extend the Authorprofile page with (any number) of Joomla! modules!
    • Increase Blogger commitment with Notification system: Automatically notify the Blog author when the blog reaches a configured number of hits. Unlimited hit limits can be configured and the email message works with Content Construction so the message can be customized to suit your bloggers need.
    • Article list module: Sharing the code base of Joomla's own 'Articles - Category' module this module adds avatar, author and Authorprofile page functionality to the already fully packed functionality!
    • and more to come....

    Coming soon (under development):

    • New Joomla! Custom Field plugin for Avatars / Images (uploading - webcam - mobile - cropping)
    • Front-end Article list (front-end article management)
    • RSS feed on Authorprofile page (all Author articles)
    • Integration EasySocial, Community Builder (for Avatar, About text and Content Construction)

    New in version 0.1.0

    - Hello World!
  2. Facebook Likebox

    Display facebook likebox in poup or in static position, with rich backend configuration option like popup style, popup backgroung color, Cookie expire setting and much more features


    ✔ Two display mode, in popup or static position.
    ✔ Five popup style.
    ✔ Cookie setting.
    ✔ Popup self Close after set time.
    ✔ Rich style option.
    ✔ Responsive design.

    ★ SUPPORT:

  3. Ripple Effect

    Add a Water Ripple Effect to Your Background Using WebGL with Beautiful Parallax Effect and Desired Message.

    A Lightweight Joomla Section Builder Module for Creating a Layer of Water to Your Joomla! Site Which Will Ripple by Cursor Interaction with HTML Markup and WYSIWYG Supported Content area and Beautiful Parallax Effect Background .

    Exclusive Features

    Joomla 3 Ready.
    Multi-lingual Supported.
    Responsive Parallax Background.
    Easy and Quick Installation.
    Supports Ripple Effect On Image.
    HTML Supported Content Area.
    Full Customizable Background.
    Multiple Instances on One Page.
    Ripple Control Options.
    Control Section Margin, Padding, Height.
    Background Overlay Color with Opacity.
    Control Section Height According to Devices Viewport.
    Module Style Overrides Available form Template.
    Customize style with available Gulp File.
    Super lightweight and easy to use.
    Strong Administrator Settings.
    100% Money Back Guarantee.
    Lifetime Free Updates.
    Fast Support By Real Developer.
    Secure Payments By PayPal.

  4. JOWeather widget

    Weather module Joomla Open Weather for Joomla 3.
    Display the data OpenWeatherMap site.

    ID of the City on the website by entering the city in the search box and then clicking on the link found.

    The link will be of the form, the last digits, this is the city code
    The work requires the city ID and API key (APPID), which you can get by registering on

  5. Head Remover

    Simple and light plugin to keep js and css file in order .

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